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Number 3

Discover number 3

This very beautiful municipal facility is a new building designed to support the cultural and associative life of the municipality and, thanks to the centrality of its location, also allow the revitalization of the heart of Riec-sur-Bélon.

The site of the former presbytery, after its purchase by the municipality from the diocese, was entirely
reworked and redesigned by the Nantes architectural firm Guiné-Potin in order to be able to offer a
renovated building (surface area of 350 m2) coupled with a village hall (extension of 525 m2 in wood frame). It merges respect for an old and heritage building in a contemporary spirit. It is located in the middle of a garden, a small green setting reassuring for all thanks to its surrounding wall in old stones.

If Number 3 was designed to bring us together, promote exchanges and links, then, it is certainly the place that opens up perspectives to imagine multiple events and highlights that will punctuate our daily lives, whether they are festive, cultural, reflective, creative. Welcome to Number 3! The doors are open to dream and share moments of conviviality.


Home Town Hall

4 Rue François Cadoret,

29340 Riec sur Bélon

Phone. 02 98 06 91 04

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To book a room

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Rules of procedure

Maximum number of rooms

Maximum number of rooms

The different spaces
  • On the ground floor: the living room, the office, and the large room (approximately 300 m2)

  • 1st floor: Questelan room

  • 2nd floor: Penmor room, Trémor room

  • A retractable seating for 196 places in the great hall

  • Stage equipment for lighting, sound and video projection with a large screen

  • A relaxation area composed of a counter, lounges, tables and chairs

  • A reheating service with fridge, oven, ceramic hob, oven, dishwasher, serving table

  • A lodge for artists

  • A reserve of equipment where tables and chairs are stored

  • An elevator to access the floors

Event programming

For this first year of implementation, the initially planned programming has been found to evolve according to government announcements related to the health context. Few events could be organized there and readjustments were necessary to size them to “COVID” gauges, that is to say reduced in number of people.

2021 is therefore envisioned with the desire to broaden horizons and find the path to a little more links and culture. The artistic and cultural program is currently being developed with the new team and the local life pole. The desired program will be carried by the municipality with also, in support, partners such as inter-municipal authorities and associations. To be continued then.

Booking conditions

Number 3 is a site listed as a 3rd category L-type public establishment, therefore subject to access regulations.

Certain elements must be respected to allow access:
• established gauges
• safety rules (support by the municipal mediation agent to be contacted at least fifteen days before the date of the event)

The file must be complete and must be submitted to the technical services for study and validation by elected officials. It must include:
• The event form worth convention
• Internal regulations read and signed
• The deposit check
• The policyholder's insurance certificate

The reservation of spaces is not open for the organization of private events (weddings, birthdays, ...).

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