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Administrative procedures

For civil status documents, simplify your life!

1 - You wish to obtain a copy or an extract of civil status, for a person born in Riec-sur-Bélon? You can make your request online by clicking on the link below:

2 - At the end of the procedure, print or download the pdf document, and send it by email to or by post to:

Town Hall - Civil Status Service - 4 Rue François Cadoret 29340 Riec-sur-Bélon

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

3 - The municipality will send you the requested document by post.

National Identity Card

Find the information and procedures related to the National Identity Card.



Find out about the administrative formalities of the Biometric Passport.



Find out about the administrative procedures involved in organizing a wedding.

All the information you need to organize a PACS.

Civil solidarity pact (PACS)


Find out how to assert your right of recognition.

Declaration of recognition


Do you want to know the procedures for declaring your happy event before the State? it's this way.

Declaration of birth


Find in this section the steps necessary to make a civil baptism.

Republican baptism


Your municipality accompanies you and helps you with the formalities of a declaration of death.

Declaration of death


The commune of Riec-sur-Bélon has a system listing the deceased and the position of their location in the village cemetery.

Cemetery software

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